Strip Clubs


Israel has some of the best strip clubs in the world! these clubs offer one of the best experience for newcomers as well as experienced customers.

Beside the sexy shows on stage you can have great time flirting with young Israeli girls or even enjoy a tight lap dance for as low as 25 NIS ($7). it’s possible to touch the girls body during the lap dance but please do it with gentle and in polite manner.

Strip clubs usually present between 10-20 girls every night starting at 11:30PM. some of the clubs also works in the afternoon from 6:00 PM.

Most of the strip clubs are located in Tel Aviv and are fairly priced for the entrance fee and also for the alcohol consumption. there are no rip-off clubs in Israel as in east Europe.

At night the entrance to the club is usually charged 100NIS  ($28) in the afternoon the entrance is free but first drink is charged starting at 60NIS ($17).

Please note – since the police started to supervise these clubs, all the places are not offering private VIP rooms any more.