Baby Dolls


If you are looking for the most largest strip club in Israel the Baby Dolls is your answer! the club is open every day from 17:00 until the late hours of the night.

Usually  there are 10 girls in the afternoon while at night you can watch there more than 20 girls and even 30 girls in weekends.

The club gives good atmosphere with a large stage and great variety of drinks.

the girls are walking around the club and waiting to offer you a warm lap dance with naked breast for only 25 NIS.

There are no private VIP rooms in this club.

Entrence to club will cost 60 NIS (about $20) until 21:30 and it includes a complimentary drink.

after 21:30 entrance to the club will cost 100 NIS ($30).


The club is located in south Tel Aviv near Jafa, at: Abarbanel 86, Tel-Aviv.

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